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Was Camp Neshama 2018 the GOAT?

The most recent iteration of Camp Neshama was beloved – was in the Greatest of All Time? At Camp Neshama, participants went beyond the boundaries of their own community and met a dynamic group of new Jewish singles! At this three day get-away weekend adventure which took place May 25-28, 2018 at the Dovid Oved

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Shabbat Lounge at Sundance

SHABBAT LOUNGE was the best place to unplug from the digital world of Sundance and experience a transcendent Shabbat experience. Over 1000 people enjoyed our “oasis of chill”, Shabbat hospitality, mindfulness, and nourishment for the body & soul. Thanks to a foot of fresh snow, guests arrived hungry and cold, and left warm & inspired!

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What are They Really Saying About Camp Neshama?

Camp Neshama is summer camp for Jewish young adults, running Sept. 1-4th, 2017, in Running Springs, California, and generously sponsored by The Alevy Family. The retreat may be the best Jewish young professional weekend in America. We asked some of the participants of last summer’s camp to tell is what they REALLY thought. She found

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What’s New About Camp Neshama 2017? Dating & Relationship Seminar, Moshav & More

There is a lot of great new things for 2017! Camp Plus Dating & Relationship Seminar runs from Thursday, Aug. 31- Friday, Sept. 1! This Pre-Camp is an unique and exclusive seminar called, “Camp Plus” starting the day before camp, on Thursday, and includes a special workshop and discussions about relationships and dating! We are

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