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Will There be Shabbat Tent in 2021?

Shabbat Tent Hopeful for 2021 Festival Re-openings in Fall No one could have predicted that we would be asking if Shabbat Tent would happen in 2021. When the pandemic closed all music festivals worldwide starting in March of 2020, few could have imagined that more than a year later, festivals have not reopened. Festivals returned

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Shabbat Tent is Helping in Times of need

Shabbat Tent is helping those suffering losses due to the closer of beloved music festivals We though that we would be celebrating, instead Shabbat Tent is helping in other ways this year. The suffering brought by the COVID pandemic includes hundreds of thousands of lives lost, millions of jobs, and many injured. It’s a very

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Shabbat Lounge at Sundance Film Festival is a Wrap
shabbat lounge at sundance film festival

Thank you to everyone who made Shabbat at Sundance Film Festival possible Shabbat Lounge at Sundance is a project of love – for Shabbat, for hospitality and for film. Creating a lounge with kosher food in Park City is not at easy project. We have to arrange delivery of food, volunteers and supplies from around

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Shabbat Hospitality for Thousands in 2019
Jewish young professionals eat Shabbat dinner at music festival

A revolution in Shabbat hospitality at Sundance Film Festival, Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, High Sierra Music Festival, and Lockn’ Music Festival We handled sun, wind and heat at of two weekends at Coachella . Then braved the steaming hot fields of Lockn’. And hiked through the snow in Park City. Shabbat Tent’s dedicated volunteers

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